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14 thoughts on “Rewind Repost: January 2014

  1. I love reading and I love movies, and I have slipped up on both in the past year. I am going to try to get back into both this year.

    Tell your Hubby Happy 40th! So glad to hear you lived it up with family and friends!

    And congrats on your 1-year blogiversary! I thought you were writing much longer than a year!

    Thanks so much for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesday! We always love having you! 🙂

    1. Thanks Natasha! Yes, it’s only been a year for me. Seems like longer but I’m loving every minute of it.

  2. Cool idea “rewind repost”. Last year was my year to get back into reading. I can do without the television and movies – reading is my preference if I had to pick one. Anyway Christopher and I just watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (shhh bootleg). It was pretty good, but I like the first one better. Same w/ Despicable Me 2, I thought the first one was better. But love those minions, they made the movie. The last movie I saw was The Butler. Can’t think of the last one I saw on television – hmmm.

    1. The Butler is on my list along with Fruitvale Station and 12 Years A Slave. I’m getting back into my reading too. I need that escape.

    1. Netflix is how Hubby and I got caught up on Breaking Bad in time for its final season. And now we are fans of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, which of course you can only see on Netflix. Thanks Tiffany!

  3. I have fallen off the movie wagon terribly, Kimberly! I don’t think I’ve stepped into a movie theater since March of 2012. I need to get my movie mojo back. I do want to see Saving Mr. Banks. Perhaps that’ll be a good re-entry to the world of movies!

  4. I love this idea of updating. I could see it by the month even, now tat we’re a year old. Gret idea.

    I LOVE movies. I usually go at least once on every off week. By dad gave me a gift card to the theater for Xmas bc I go so much. I saw Madea’s latest…very good!

    I was slacking on reading, but my Bookclub just had a rejuvenator retreat, so back to it now!

    1. I need to start going back to the theater more often. Hubby can’t stand any type of noise from other moviegoers. Food smacking, ringing cell phones, talking/laughing too loud. So I have to go alone. But that works for me!

  5. Hey Kimberly! I’ve been slacking off on my passion…reading, ughh! But, I’ve more than made up for it, as I’ve downloaded over 20 books on my tablet since last month, whoop whoop! So, I’ll be having boat loads of fun playing catch-up! Tell the hubby “Happy Birthday” and welcome to the 4.0 club! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Michell. I have been playing catch up with my book reading also. I signed up for a GoodReads Challenge for 2014. That’s to motivate me to keep at it.

    1. I have not seen either of The Hunger Games films. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks Michelle.

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