Rewind Repost: February 2014

In March of 2013, I shared my personal story about how I completely botched a spaghetti dinner while living on my own for the first second time. It was called Rigged Recipes and you can read it here.


My purpose in showcasing that was to express how far I had come as a home cook. I posted my Meatloaf (Rigged) recipe and subsequently stepped out on faith and began sharing more Rigged Recipes–recipes that I “rigged” to be a tad bit healthier and easier to make.




Since that post, I have a dedicated blog page filled with Rigged Recipes, posts about cooking tips, and most of all–I have hour long phone calls with my Momma about making dishes. Through my blogging, I have gained a newfound confidence about cooking that I never had before. I am even doing a guest post next month for another blogger about cooking basics for newbies. Who would have thunk it?


How has your cooking changed over the years?

Are you the only one at home that cooks?

Which one of my Rigged Recipes is your favorite?





Rewind: Repost is a monthly feature on Being A Wordsmith that gives an update on previous posts.

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