Top HaHeWi for February 2014

Can you believe February is coming to an end? This year is flying by. February was a very busy month for me blogwise. I participated in two Commentathons, one with Blogelina to comment on 50 specific posts from other bloggers, and the other with The SITS Girls to comment on 75 blogs. Each challenge was to be done in one week’s time. Whew! Took me more than 7 days, but I plugged away at it. The creativity among bloggers is phenomenal. 




Well, I’m sharing my Top Ha(ppier) He(althier) Wi(ser) moments of the month again…

I co-hosted the Turn It Up Tuesday Linky Party each week which is hosted by Epic Mommy Adventures, This Momma’s Ramblings, The Wondering Brain, A Peek Into My Paradise, 100lb Countdown, and Sew Crafty Angel. Along with co-hosts Lady Blogger, 2 Crochet Hooks, and Let It Shine. I have really enjoyed reading all the great posts that linked up and ranking my favorites to be featured picks. Thank you ladies for letting me party with you.

 photo c73a8cfb-63e3-4e9a-898b-c72a4bada475_zpsd6175048.jpg

I was featured in the online magazine, Kokoa this month. I shared my personal writing journey and the publishing of my suspense novel, Acting On Her Behalf. You can read that article here. Thank you to Kita Bryant and her team.

For Valentine’s Day, Hubby prepared a surprise dinner of Sautéed Black Drum Fillets with Capers and Lobster Tails. Delish!

I discovered that The Deuce enjoys kiwi. He told me that they have slices of it on the salad bar at school for lunch. Hubby found some Ripe & Easy Kiwi at the store that comes with a plastic utensil. It’s a spoon at one end and a knife at the other end. Very easy and safe for The Deuce to cut the kiwi down the middle, scoop, and eat.

2014-02-07 16.14.49

The biggest HaHeWi of February for me was meeting Kim from This Ole Mom in person. I have been so jealous of all the bloggers that I read about who live in big cities where they meet up with other bloggers to network, hang out, and exchange ideas. Sure there are quite a number of bloggers in New Orleans, but I live in a very small town right outside of it.

Well, lo and behold, I met a blogger who lives about 15 minutes from me in my very small town. How? NOT in the grocery store. NOT at a kid’s birthday party. Believe it or not…it was through the SITS Girls Commentathon! We were part of the same group to comment on each other’s blogs. How crazy is that? And initially I thought she lived in New Orleans until further communication between us two KIMs. So we met for lunch one day and talked about all things blog related. It was so nice being able to share information with someone in person about the big world of blogging. We’re connecting on social media and plan to get together again. 

 this ole mom fb


HaHeWi that I’m looking forward to in March…

I will be co-hosting Turn It Up Tuesday again for the whole month so check back here on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. EST. 

I will also be co-hosting the Mommy Monday Blog Hop with Mrs. Tee Love Life Laughter, Mrs. A-OK A Work in Progress, The Squishable Baby this upcoming week. So check back here on Sunday, March 2nd when it goes live at 8:00 p.m. EST.


What were your top HaHeWi moments for February?

Will you stop by to link up for the Mommy Monday Blog Hop and Turn It Up Tuesdays?

Have you met any bloggers in person outside of a blogging event?





Top HaHeWi is a monthly feature on Being A Wordsmith that showcases my happier, healthier, and wiser moments during the current month.


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