Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

18 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why We Love The Haves and the Have Nots

  1. Actually not intrigued by the new movie but I’m a super Tyler Perry fan so I will be supporting just because! He is amazing to me even with wonk wonks like Witness Protection, lol!

    You only had 6 reasons for watching this, lol! I LOVE this show. I love Candace but I didn’t like the ending. My mother said on the after show that Tyler Perry said he couldn’t let Candace have all the glory, I get it! Can’t wait til next season. My least favorite is that house maid, Like what it her point….Please cancel her from season 3!!! I really like Ronica too, lol! She is a real bad B*&^H!

    1. Of course I had more than 6 reasons! But I’m pretty sure you have written a post or two on how long a list a reader will read. LOL I actually left the number blank for a minute until I could narrow it down. 🙂 I believe that Jim and Celene had a child together and that’s what she’s blackmailing him and Katheryn with. Remember the guy that showed the campaign manager the office space to lease for the headquarters? He was asking all kinds of questions when she said Jim would be needing it. I think that’s Jim’s son with Celene. We’ll see… Yes, Ronica is a bad bitch!

  2. You know I’m a diehard HAHN fan, so I loved the finale. You are right on point with the reasons to watch. Tika is everything! LOL And Veronica and Hannah are not too far behind. Hugs, Ali

    1. I know you are not a big TV fan, Alison, so I like that you are hooked on this show. Thrilled that we only have to wait until May for the next season.

  3. Okay. This post is yet another reminder of the fact that I’m missing this great show. I DVRed it in the beginning with hopes of catching up later — and that was in the first season! (sigh) I am hopelessly — woefully — behind. My mom raves about this show.

    So I guess I need to try and catch up, huh?

    1. Definitely catch up, Courtney! My favorite scenes are the two person ones. I think it’s the writer in me and my theater background. Which I know is why I have such admiration for Tyler Perry.

  4. Hey Kim! I soooo wanted to not like this show when it first came on. But Lord help me, I was front and center for EVERY episode! I think my mouth was left hanging open at the end of each episode. I was mad at Candace at the end of the finale though. As conniving as she is, how could she not be smart enough to have someone watch her back???

    1. Hey Kennie! Every comment I saw about the finale on social media talked about how Candace would never have fallen for that. I think Tyler Perry was trying to show that her character needed to be knocked down a peg or two. She can’t win all the time. Can’t wait until May! Thanks, girl.

    1. It’s his first TV drama and it pushes the envelope constantly. You’ll enjoy it, Nancy!

    1. The ratings have been through the roof both seasons and it’s coming back in May! Check it out, Terin.

    1. It’s addictive, Stephanie! You can try services like or Amazon Prime to catch up on Season 1. Be sure to verify that it’s the TV show and not Tyler Perry’s play of the same name.

    1. It’s so entertaining. BTW, I watched the new season of House of Cards in no time. I know you love that show too.

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