Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

14 thoughts on “The Scandal of the Good Wife, Single Ladies, and Real Housewives

  1. I watched all three seasons of Single Ladies, not really sure why! It was just ok! I won’t miss it too much. However, I will miss Will so much! I am still paining over that one. I just don’t think it will be the same!

    1. I thought Single Ladies was the little engine that could. I guess it just didn’t have any fight left. I miss Will too. But The Good Wife is going to kick some butt now.

    1. I have read his articles. And saw his interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter. Talented guy.

  2. My guess on Scandal was that no one got shot and that both James and Cyrus got inducted in to B613 (or whatever it is…)! Boy was I was wrong! Seeing Cyrus break down at the podium was soooo sad. I don’t watch the other shows mentioned except RHOA, and I am excited about this reunion!

    1. Hey Britton! Before it aired I thought Jake fired and missed on purpose. And then when it aired and I saw James get shot, I thought maybe he and Jake were faking it together. Until I saw James still on the ground hours later. Very sad.

  3. I figured single ladies was going to be cancelled no one was talking about them. I love scandal it’s probably the only thing I truly watch these days.

  4. OMG I hadn’t watched last week’s Good Wife yet! That is insane!!!! I guess the Alicia/Will thing was being played out but seriously nuts!

    1. You must catch up when you can! Josh Charles decided to leave the show a year ago, so the storyline has been in the making for quite some time. So good.

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