12 thoughts on “Top HaHeWi for March 2014

  1. You had a great March, Kimberly! Diverse experiences and events definitely make for a memorable HaHeWi. My high point in March was, like you, having my SITS Day. Here’s to a great April for you, Kimberly!

  2. I enjoyed your egg wash post. I’m still learning the basics. Congrats on such a productive March. I’ll be joining UBP for the first time. Hope to catch you there.

    1. I just finished drafting my UBP post. I’m really looking forward to it. The prizes are fantastic! Checking out your blog now. Thanks Nicole.

  3. Wow Kim, you have been a busy lady! What an awesome month you had! Congratulatons on the SITS day! I am so looking forward to some warm weather and no more snow (I hope).

    1. I hear ya on that, Xiomara. I just stare at my son when he’s sleeping and wonder where the time has gone.

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