Top HaHeWi for March 2014

March has been my busiest month yet this year. Lots of opportunities personally and professionally. Gratitude is my attitude. I’m sharing a few of my Ha(ppier), He(althier), Wi(ser) moments for the month here with you…

 Top HaHeWi for March 2014 by Being A Wordsmith


I started March off with Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I had not been to a parade in a few years. Hubby and I headed to Orleans Avenue in the freezing rain to see the popular Zulu Parade. Their signature throw is a coconut. These days they mostly pass them out instead of throwing them from the floats. Too many people have been hit in the head in the past. However, I’ve seen front teeth knocked out from being hit in the mouth with beads. But that’s Mardi Gras!

Zulu Parade BAW

Hubby and I have been volunteering on the political campaign for a local doctor running for Coroner of our parish. We have made phone calls to rally support, attended several meet and greet functions, participated in a fundraiser for a Children’s Museum and the American Heart Association Heart Walk. We cast our votes as part of early voting a week ago and the official election day is Saturday, April 5, 2014. The Deuce has also been involved and if he were old enough, he would be casting a vote too.

Wishing you luck today!


I co-hosted the weekly Turn It Up Tuesday Linky Party AGAIN this month which is hosted by Epic Mommy AdventuresThis Momma’s RamblingsThe Wondering BrainA Peek Into My Paradise100lb Countdown, and Sew Crafty Angel. Along with co-hosts Home On Deranged, Mommy On Demand, and So Simply Stephanie. I have really enjoyed reading all the great posts that linked up and ranking my favorites to be featured picks. Thank you ladies for letting me party with you.



I did a guest post for Chelsey at DIY Budget Girl for her Back to Basics series. She’s featuring posts that teach beginner cooks how to do the basics in the kitchen. You can read my post on how to make an egg wash here.




Bio posts Laina Turner


I began contributing posts weekly to Laina Turner’s blog, The Art of Living Fabulously. Everything from recipes to entertainment to parenting. You can check out my posts there every Friday.



Wedding 3-22-03 BAW


Hubby and I celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary on March 22nd. He made a nice dinner for us and we relaxed at home.

I chaperoned The Deuce’s school field trip to see a stage play of The Wizard of Oz at a local high school. That was fun and exhausting. Kudos to elementary school teachers!


And my biggest HaHeWi moment of the month blogwise was my SITS DAY! I felt like a queen for a day.


SITS Day 030914 108pm



HaHeWi that I’m looking forward to in April…

  • I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Party with 5 Minutes for Mom. I met so many great bloggers last year when I joined. This year I am donating a prize. Their giveaways are huge!
  • More features and contributing posts on other sites.


What were your Top HaHeWi moments of March?

Have you ever volunteered for a political campaign before?

What are you looking forward to in April?



Top HaHeWi is a monthly feature on Being A Wordsmith that showcases my happier, healthier, and wiser moments during the current month.

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