5 Questions With…Kemya Scott from Phisco Marketing

Allow me to present another SITS Girls community member like myself, Kemya Scott for today’s Being A Wordsmith installment of 5 Questions With…

Miss Kemya is a Marketing Strategist & Social Media Manager at Phisco Marketing, a marketing consulting firm that facilitates the growth of small businesses through offline and online marketing strategies. Visit her blog for all your DIY marketing and social media needs, and hire Phisco Marketing to kickstart your marketing and fall back in love with your business!

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1. Welcome to Being A Wordsmith, Kemya! Please tell my readers what Phisco Marketing is all about.

Phisco Marketing is all about the crazy, chaotic, and fabulous world of entrepreneurship. It’s a coaching and consulting firm that works with small businesses on all things related to sales and marketing – branding, pricing strategy, offline and online promotion, social media, blogging, event management, and whatever else falls under the marketing and sales umbrella. My “ridiculously awesome do it yourself marketing blog” is full of tactics and how-to’s you can learn and apply right away. My focus is on strategy and action, so that’s the way I write the blog. I just love what I do!

2. You use the term “solopreneur” in your correspondence which intrigued me. Explain what that is.

A solopreneur is an entrepreneur who does it all, a one-woman (or one-man) dynamo. You know, the entrepreneur/coffee maker/receptionist/virtual assistant/strategist/blogger/accountant/dog walker. A solopreneur might hire a bit of assistance here and there, but it’s sporadic at best, so she’s still running the show solo. A solopreneur can have a business of any size, it can be a startup, it can be an established 6-figure brand, but the term just gives those of us who run it all on the solo a fancy title. I wish I could take credit for the term but I can’t; I heard it a couple years ago and it fit so perfectly that I’ve used it ever since!


StumbleUpon is a content discovery engine.



3. Which social media platform do you think people should be utilizing but are overlooking?

Oh that’s a gooood question. Wow, there are a quite a few I could choose from. But if I had to choose a platform that a person in any industry could use, I would have to say StumbleUpon is overlooked.

StumbleUpon is a content discovery engine. It’s basically a search engine and bookmarking site all in one. It allows you to save links to articles for later reference and share them. It’s also a social voting site, allowing you to vote for videos, blog posts, images, and articles you find online. It’s great if you want to bring exposure to your online content, it will significantly increase your traffic and visibility to a bigger audience.


Another beneficial strategy for any blogger and solopreneur to take advantage of is to become a speaker to share their expertise in their niche.



4. What are two beneficial strategies that a blogger or solopreneur should consider other than social media?

I tell everyone, social media is just a part of the marketing puzzle, it’s not the only piece. Any blogger and/or solopreneur in any industry should consider incorporating offline strategies for promoting their brands. A traditional strategy that has never gone out of style is to join a local business organization, such as women’s associations, clubs for business owners, or chambers of commerce. We’re so used to networking online that we forget what’s available to us right in our own backyards. Joining a local organization gives you opportunities to connect with other professionals and expand your audience. You get access to membership directories, speaking opportunities, and decision makers who may be looking for what you have to offer. When you consider yourself an entrepreneur, and a blogger is an entrepreneur, you have to position yourself in front of people who can benefit from your products and services.


So a blogger or solopreneur can monitor what they do on a regular basis, and divide it into digestible chunks of information, and sell it!



Another beneficial strategy for any blogger and solopreneur to take advantage of is to become a speaker to share their expertise in their niche. I look at blogging as a content-based business, and much like any other business, you have to perform research, manage time and information, and become extremely resourceful in order to maintain a pipeline of fresh content and an engaged audience. Well, these are skills that can be taught; these are skills in high demand that people want to learn. So a blogger or solopreneur can monitor what they do on a regular basis, and divide it into digestible chunks of information, and sell it! It can be sold as a webinar, a live presentation, an ebook, or as a complete how-to-program. Every successful blogger and solopreneur has fine-tuned a process that works, so why not share that process with the world for profit?


The main keys to my balancing act are organization and flexibility.



5. You are also a homeschooling mother. How do you effectively balance that with your business responsibilities?

Balance is such a neat word, but it’s more like a juggling act! My kids have always been homeschooled, and they’re 11 and 15 now, so it’s become a lifestyle. The main keys to my balancing act are organization and flexibility. I organize everything related to homeschooling in advance, so I always know how much time I have to dedicate to schooling on a particular day. When my kids have their independent study time, I make calls or focus on my own projects. When we come together for discussions, I give them my undivided attention, and it makes the time we spend together more enjoyable.

I schedule chunks of work time throughout the day, to be sure I have plenty of time to cook, teach, and just be a mom. I’ve always shared my business with my kids, what I do and how I do it, so they’re used to sharing me at home. When I have tasks they can help with, I ask them to help! I try to save the work that I really have to concentrate on with no interruptions for the late evenings. The kids are pretty much done with me by then.

It took loads of patience and commitment to juggle this homeschool/entrepreneurial lifestyle, but it has paid off tremendously, more than I could have ever imagined. My juggling skills have served me well as an entrepreneur!


Thank you, Kemya, for sharing your expertise with me and my readers. We can all benefit from your knowledge on how to better our entrepreneurial and solepreneurial goals.


If you would like to connect with Kemya at Phisco Marketing, here is her contact info…

Kemya L. Scott
Marketing Strategist & Social Media Manager
Phisco Marketing http://phiscomarketing.com

(404) 484-6671 

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