Rights, Wrongs, and Reasons

Happy Monday, everyone! I have posted previously about Hubby and I working on a political campaign for a local doctor running for the office of Coroner in our parish. The election was this past Saturday.



Unfortunately the candidate that we were supporting was not elected. Notice that I did not say “did not win”. Because I felt that he had won in many regards. I listened intently as he gave his concession speech to all of us assembled at the campaign headquarters on Saturday evening. He did it with grace and humility. He had run a positive campaign with none of the mud slinging that has been prevalent in many Louisiana political races. Even when naysayers tried to discredit him.


There was a bit of sadness as the band began to pack up and some of the volunteers said their goodbyes. However, everyone that I spoke with had something encouraging and positive to say about the candidate and their experience on the campaign. The general sentiment was everything happens for a reason.


A group of us stayed for a while and reflected on the last few months. We spoke about how our goal to elect this candidate had brought people into our lives that we otherwise might not have connected with. We made tentative plans for golfing, boating, and networking. Hubby and I have lived in Slidell for almost 6 years and we’ve met more people in the last two months than we have since we moved here. New friends, new contacts, and…two new babysitters for The Deuce. And I was thrilled to learn on Saturday that my nomination for membership in the Slidell Women’s Civic Club was accepted.


The good doctor was not elected into office, but will continue to serve his patients and his community at his practice. That is God’s will and must be where the doctor is needed. My mother had advanced liver disease several years ago. She was on a donor list for a liver transplant. She received a call at home to go to the hospital because a donor had been located. As she and my father headed that way, they received a second call from the hospital stating that it was a false alarm. I am convinced that was not the liver for her. When another donor was located and my mother had a successful transplant and consequently a stellar recovery, the doctors told her the organ was a perfect match.

Everything does happen for a reason…


How was your weekend?

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

What are you looking forward to this week?






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