Why May Should Be Mother’s MONTH

I had an awesome Mother’s Day this past Sunday. Flowers, cards, food (that Hubby prepped for 2 days), family, friends, fun, and real wine (not from a box!). A girl can get real spoiled enjoying all of that for a day. So why does it have to be just 24 hours? Why can’t it be a whole month? Mothers are pretty special people. I speak from experience. You can take that one of two ways…and I’m going to let you decide on which one.

Just as I get all amped up and am truly reveling in all the goodness that Mother’s Day brings, it begins to wind down. The Deuce’s birthday is May 21st. He was actually due on Mother’s Day, but he didn’t start giving me labor pains until exactly one week later…for about 14 hours. Then I had to have a C-section, because he would not arrive naturally. The Deuce has always marched to the beat of his own drum.


Mother's Day pic 2014 wm

His birthday also coincides with the last week of school every year. Although he begins the celebration in his mind on May 1st. All the final school week activities lead right into a hectic fun-filled summer. Swimming lessons, out-of-town trips, some surprises, perfecting how to ride a bike, and LOTS of outside play.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it. But then I look over at my armoire and see the beautiful gift that my growing son gave me for Mother’s Day…


Mother's Day frame



…and I think to myself…


I love that boy, but yep, May should be Mother’s MONTH.



How was your Mother’s Day?

Are you looking forward to the Summer?





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