12 thoughts on “Rewind Repost: Top Summer 2014 Must-See Movies

  1. My husband and I used to go see a movie once a week, but then there were so many duds that we stopped. Looks like some good ones coming out this summer – fingers crossed. Thanks for sharing.

    And we usually wait until they’ve been out a week or so when we do go to a movie.

    1. If I go see a movie on opening weekend, I will go to the matinee showing. Thanks Alli!

  2. I love this lost since I am a big movie buff! I still can’t believe Tony is gone as in James Gandolfini. The movie sounds great. I have also heard great things about the fault in our stars and Shailene Woodley is such a great actress! The other comedies look like a hot mess! Perfect for summer! Lol

    1. Hopefully I will get to see all of these movies this summer. Thanks Nadeen!

  3. Girl I wait all the way until Red Box and then have the nerve to be annoyed at how long it’s going to take. I love Damon Wayan’s Jr and Nick from New Girl so I look forward that one.

  4. I prefer to wait, don’t like crowds.

    The only movie I really want to see is “When the Game Stands Tall.” It more of less about one of our local high school football teams-De La Salle of Concord and their remarkable journey from being an after thought to winning a national record of 151 straight games. It focuses on their coach and how they conducted business-the right way.

    1. Movies about events and people you have insight on are the best. Thanks, Patrick!

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