My July Staycation and Top HaHeWi for June 2014

July Staycation by Being A Wordsmith  

Before I give you the lowdown on my Top Happier, Healthier, and Wiser Moments for the month of June, allow me to fill you in on what is in store for me next…


Where I will be for the month of July 

  • I will be taking a break from regular blog posting for the entire month of July to spend some quality time with The Deuce and Hubby. I will also be working on the outline for my second novel that is still untitled.
  • Although I will not be posting for the month of July, I will still be active on social media: Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Being A Wordsmith Facebook FanPage and Acting On Her Behalf Facebook FanPage.


When I will be back

  • I’ll begin posting regularly again on Friday, August 1st with a recap of my staycation. 
  • My regular features like Traffic Jam Weekend, 5 Questions With…, PIG Linky Party, Rewind: Repost, and Top HaHeWi will return in August. 


What else is coming up when I return

  • I will be co-hosting Turn It Up Tuesdays again with Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures each week in August. It goes live on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST.
  • The return of my September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge! Had so much fun hosting this last year. Details on the writing prompts are coming soon.


September Sapphire2014 3


Here are my Top HaHeWi moments for the month of June…


Top Happier Healthier Wiser Moments June 2014 Being A Wordsmith


My bi-weekly PIG Social Media Linky Parties have been great. Thanks to all who are participating.   


I enjoyed reveling in support with and from fellow authors with my posts, 5 Questions With…Kenya G. Johnson of Live Laugh Blog! and I Am an Author and They Are Too. Be sure to check them out if you haven’t already!  


My favorite post of the month was with my cutie patootie…


Rewind Repost: Interview with The Deuce: Best Things About Being A Kid


As a family we just returned from a long weekend in Orange Beach, AL. Hubby has an annual family retreat there for his job. The Deuce thoroughly enjoyed hanging out at the beach and the pool with the other kids there, Hubby received a sales award for all of his hard work, and I sold a couple copies of Acting On Her Behalf. Grateful!


Top Happier Healthier Wiser Moments June 2014 Being A Wordsmith


See you in August and enjoy your Summer!



What were your Top HaHeWi moments this month?

What are you looking forward to this Summer?

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Top HaHeWi is a monthly feature on Being A Wordsmith that showcases my happier, healthier, and wiser moments during the current month.

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