Back to Blogging and Back to School

My staycation from blogging is over! It’s back to business. I enjoyed spending extra time with The Deuce and Hubby, working on special projects, and creating an outline for my second book. July was full of reflections, forecasting, and goal setting.



Highlights of my July staycation…


Floor tickets for Essence Festival during Fourth of July weekend. Prince was headlining and he was fabulous as expected! I also loved performances by Jill Scott, Janelle Monae, Mary J. Blige, Lionel Richie, and Charlie Wilson. Uncle Charlie performs every year at Essence Fest and he is always a hit with the crowd. Three days of non-stop entertainment is exhausting but I enjoy it every year.


Prince Essence Festival 2014


Visiting the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi with The Deuce and our cousins Casey and Trey. I live very close to the MS border. The Space Center has its own zip code and is the equivalent of 5 small towns.


Stennis Space Center by


Watching The Deuce take swimming lessons was a treat. I was very proud of him. I also enjoyed our annual back to school shopping tradition we started with my mother. See last year’s pics here. This year my daddy joined in the fun.



Swim and back to school collage




Be sure to check out my NEW AND IMPROVED Rigged Recipes Page on the menu above. Thanks to Jen at Driftwood Gardens who has a fabulous tutorial for CataBlog. Pin her post on it to your Pinterest board here.



What I’m looking forward to in August:

  • Resuming my regular features on Being A Wordsmith such as Traffic Jam Weekend Linky Party, Rewind: Repost, Top HaHeWi, and PIG Linky Party
  • Co-hosting the Turn It Up Tuesday Linky Party again every week this month starting at 8pm EST on Monday, August 4th. So check back here then!
  • The Deuce begins 2nd Grade on August 7th at a new school
  • Did I say The Deuce goes back to school?
  • Gearing up for my annual September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge. Details coming soon!
  • A family wedding


How was your Summer?

When do your kids go back to school?

What are you looking forward to in August?


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  1. I wish I could’ve taken a staycation. I definitely need that. I’m looking forward to the fall though! School starts Monday and I can’t be more enthusiastic. Thank you for co-hosting Turn it Up Tuesday!

    Your co-host from Turn it Up Tuesday ~~April~~

  2. School just started again here, so I’m feeling ready for a fall routine. It’s nice to be able to start some of the projects I’ve been thinking about over the summer! #turnituptuesday

    • Projects! Yes. I put a lot of things on hold over the summer. Now it’s back to business. Thanks for stopping by.

    • It was, Kate. That was my second time seeing Mary J. Blige live. The crowd always loves her. So many hit records!

  3. Welcome back! I don’t feel like I lost any time here since I’ve “seen” you on facebook. Maybe one of these years I’ll get to meet you IRL at Essence. Christopher goes back to school the last Friday of this month. I wish it was just the day after Labor Day. That would make more sense to me. But I guess there’s a reason.

    • I learned from my school administration days that the start day is all about a range of days that school must be in session. Snow/weather days are actually more abundant in the south these days. Schools have to make that time up if they don’t factor it in. When I lived in Detroit, they passed a law that school could not start until after Labor Day. Well that means those schools are in session until sometime in June. Deuce started on a Friday last year. Crazy! You would love Essence Fest, Kenya.

  4. Welcome back!!! My boys go to kindergarten in just a few weeks and I can’t take it!!! How did I get here? All of a sudden it’s just moving too fast and I want to slow down. That’s not happening is it?

    • No, time will continue and they will get older! LOL. It’s so much fun watching them experience “big school” for the first time. How neat that yours will get to do it together. Thanks, Allie!