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Numerology. Which number(s) has/have a significant meaning and/or presence in your life? How so? Favorite number(s)?

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SSEDBC Numerology Day 4 by beingawordsmith


The number 2 is big in my life. I didn’t realize how big until a few years ago. 2 surfaces a lot in my world as well as pairs. Let me break it down for you.

  • I was born on the 12th of the month.
  • Hubby was born on the 12th of his birthday month.
  • We were married on the 22nd. Which is also his brother’s birthday.
  • The Deuce was born on the 21st.
  • The Deuce is called such because he is Hubby II.
  • My parents have 2 daughters.
  • Hubby’s parents have 2 sons.
  • Hubby’s daddy is a twin.
  • My daddy and Hubby’s daddy are both named Ronald. Hubby’s brother is Ronald II.

Call it coincidence if you choose, but those are the facts. Here’s what I found when I looked up the number 2…


Number 2 Numerology


I see myself all up in there!


Do you have a favorite number? Do you believe in numerology?

Which number appears in your life repeatedly?

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