Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

8 thoughts on “Thought I Would Never Say These Words

  1. Ha! Second grade, Christopher was IN the bed at 7:30 and sleep by 8:00. Now it’s bumped up to 8:30 but that’s impossible on football practice night he’s usually sleep by 9:30. I guess it depends on what time they have to get up at out. His bus comes at 6:25.

    One of the things I thought I would never do is give all the TLC into Christopher’s grooming and making lunch and stuff like that. I used to fuss at my mom for babying my brother. Now I do the same thing. One day I was peeling the skin off his apples for his lunch and I had to give my own self the side eye.

    I hope my husband never changes his mind about moving back to Louisiana. And I’ll end on that note 😉

  2. Oops – I think I missed your birthday – hope you are enjoying the last of the birthday weekend!!!
    I know there are plenty but one thing I told myself I would never do and have held to it is to yell my kids first and middle name at them when I’m mad – I don’t want them to hate hearing their names.

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