Trading Places: Success, Scandal, Shonda

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Transpose. Who would you like to trade places with for a day? Why? What would you do?

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SSEDBC Transpose Day 2 of September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge


I would jump at the chance to trade places with award-winning TV show creator, head writer, and executive producer Shonda Rhimes for a day. Not only is she the mastermind behind ABC‘s Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal on Thursday nights, she has a new drama premiering on September 25, 2014 called How to Get Away With Murder. And guess what? It will be on Thursday nights too. That’s right. Three back-to-back shows created by Shonda Rhimes for our viewing pleasure. How awesome is that?




While being Rhimes for a day, I would be able to view her writing process. I could learn how she conceives and executes characters that captivate viewers all over the world. Writing novels is where my heart lies, but I also want to turn mine into films. Rhimes is a talented screenwriter too (The Princess Diaries 2, HBO‘s Introducing Dorothy Dandridge), so that would be another bonus on my day trading places with her.


I would not making any big decisions while walking around in her body. Wouldn’t want to disturb the ebb and flow of her work. Nor would I want Scandalholics and Gladiators to come after me for screwing something up. I would simply capture everything via several recording devices, so I could reference it all repeatedly after I turn back into a pumpkin.


How about you? Who would you like to trade places with for a day? Why? What would you do?





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