5 Reasons Why You Must Watch How to Get Away With Murder

Please tell me that you are watching everyone’s new guilty pleasure, How to Get Away With Murder, the latest hit TV show from über producer Shonda Rhimes. If you are not, you must. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a murder mystery author.

Here’s why…with NO SPOILERS!


5 Reasons Why You Must Watch How to Get Away With Murder by Being A Wordsmith
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1. Viola Davis is fierce!

This phenomenal film and television actress began to get her due when she was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar for her work in the 2008 film Doubt. And later when she was nominated for both awards again for the 2011 blockbuster The Help. She has a way of piercing your flesh with her voice and intention. I remember an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent that she appeared on as a crooked rent-a-cop. Bone chilling! Now she is Annalise Keating on How to Get Away With Murder. And everyone knows to get out of her way.


2. Ensemble casts are always filled with unlimited possibilities.

From cutie pie character Wes Gibbins to promiscuous Connor Walsh, there are all kinds of personalities and motives to toy with. Hook-ups, sexual tension, competition, and hidden agendas.


3. The darkness of many of the sets and scenes draws you into the mood and provokes you to tune into what’s going on.

I’ve read some pretty funny comments online from viewers who say they can’t see because the lighting is so dark in some of the scenes. I find myself squinting and leaning forward when that happens. But I definitely don’t stop watching.


4. The flash forward scenes are intriguing.

I immediately think of the game of Chess when I watch the scenes from several months ahead. I suspect someone or some people have put things into motion. Forecasting, foreshadowing, but no foregone conclusions. Each episode surprises me.


5. The courtroom scenes are electric.

A collage of Matlock, Perry Mason, and The Practice episodes. You can even see influence from Murder, She Wrote. Facts, fiction, innnuendo, and impossibilities. So exciting. And courtroom antics that a novice can follow.


Are you watching How to Get Away With Murder?

What do you think of the show?

Do you watch Shonda Rhimes’ other two #TGIT shows?

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