3 Mobile Mystery Shopping Apps That Pay Cash

Last year I posted about my experience with Mystery Shopping here. I explained that there really are legit shops out there. I’ve made some good money doing it. In my quest to find more opportunities recently, I came across something interesting.


Mobile Mystery Shopping by beingawordsmith


Yes, you too can be a mobile mystery shopper like me with the aid of some awesome apps. Report your collected data on your cell phone and get paid in cash.

Disclaimer: You must be willing to allow the apps to access your location so jobs in your area can be offered.


1. Field Agent (iOS and Android) 

What is it?  Field Agent (fieldagent.net/for-agents) is a mobile app for you (the Agent) to accept jobs (Audits) for various retail/wholesale stores like Family Dollar, Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club, and more. You will be asked to answer questions and submit photos pertaining to products, signage, merchandise displays, etc. 


Field Agent Audits by beingawordsmith


How are you paid? PayPal or Dwolla. I am not familiar with Dwolla. I am a PayPal user and Field Agent incurs its transaction fees, so you get paid the full amount. The money is available to you almost immediately after you submit an accurate audit. You determine when you want to cash out and there is no threshold amount to do so. You can cash out on your mobile app or on the Field Agent website.


How much I have earned with it: $60.80 for 88 jobs in 5 months. May not sound like much, but it helps with The Deuce’s weekly school cafeteria fees.


Field Agent Audit History by beingawordsmith


Pros: Most audits require no purchase. They are short and very easy to complete. Even in my small town, there are plenty of audits to do for my area. With several locations of a store like Walmart, you receive audit offers for more than one of them. I have done a few paid audits that didn’t even require me to leave home.

The pay is between $2 and $12 depending on your Field Agent score and your area. The more audits you complete, the higher your score. Your score can be affected by those you accept but don’t complete.


Cons:  You are typically given 2 hours to complete an audit after accepting it. If you cannot do it in that time frame, the audit is no longer available. 

EXCEPTION: Audits that require an online purchase typically allow 6 hours for completion and provide some sort of reimbursement.


Field Agent Tips: Be sure to fill out the profile to receive audit offers that align with your habits. Complete the non-paid screener surveys too. Paid audits become available based on non-paid screener surveys in which you recorded your shopping preferences, etc. 


2. Easy Shift (iOS and Android)

What is it? EasyShift (http://easyshiftapp.com)is a mobile app very much like Field Agent–but better! You (the Shifter) accept jobs (Shifts) at various retailers like AT&T, Sprint, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, Office Depot and Walmart. As well as at restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings.


How are you paid? PayPal. After you submit your shift and it is approved, the payment is sent directly to your PayPal account. EasyShift incurs the transaction fees so you receive the full amount. The longest I have had to wait is 14 hours. The more shifts you submit, the more points you receive. The points equate to a higher number of shifts you can reserve and prioritizes your approvals.


EasyShift History by beingawordsmith


How much I have earned with it: $25.00 and 390 points for 9 shifts/surveys in a month and a half. 


EasyShift App by beingawordsmith


Pros: Shifts do not require a purchase and there are lots available. The tasks are easy to do. The pay is significantly higher than Field Agent. My shifts have been $5-$7. As you can see above, the shifts can go as high as $35. You are able to view how many questions and photos the shift requires before you reserve it. This is extremely helpful when your time is limited. The completion time is also longer than Field Agent’s. You may have has long as 48 hours to complete a shift after you reserve it. 


Cons: The questions and photos required can be plentiful. Many of the shifts require 8-20 photos and 8-60 questions. But again, you can review the amount before reserving the shift.


EasyShift Tips: Anywhere Shifts are non-paid shifts (that award points) which screen you for upcoming paid ones. You will need to answer a few questions for 2 non-paid shifts to get to the second level and begin receiving paid shift offers. Think about the places you are accepting shifts for. It can be difficult to be discreet in a small store like AT&T with many sales reps.


3. iPoll (iOS and Android)

What is it? iPoll is a mobile app that has a variety of jobs/tasks (Missions) for you to complete. There are missions for retail/wholesale stores, convenience stores, banks, and more. You can also complete polls and surveys online (https://www.ipoll.com) for additional pay.  


iPoll by beingawordsmith


How are you paid? Earnings are stored until you reach $10.00. Then you can begin redeeming your earnings for magazine subscriptions, eGift Cards/Certificates, PayPal cash, and more. You can also complete missions for sweepstakes entries.


iPoll History by beingawordsmith


How much I have earned with it: $83.85 in 6 months. After 4 months, I reached $50.00 and I redeemed it for PayPal cash. With a balance of $33.85, I am well on my way to doing it again.


Pros: You get $5.00 just for signing up! Most missions do not require a purchase. For those that do, a reimbursement is typically given. All of the missions are very easy to complete. Photos are rarely a requirement.


Cons: Not being able to redeem your earnings immediately. The better rewards are not available until you reach $25.00. Once you reach redemption status for your preferred reward, it takes about 2 weeks to receive it. Some missions take a long time to be approved after submitting them. Applicable locations for some missions cannot be accessed if you are not within a certain radius of them at the time. Some missions require a short audio or video clip.


iPoll Tips: Complete your profile to receive missions/surveys that align with your shopping habits/preferences. I encourage you to do the non-paid screener missions. Because I have, I earned $15 twice and then $10 a separate time to cover the cost of purchases for future missions. I also earned $25 for completing a 3-day mission where I recorded what I drank during the day after being pre-screened.


Check out my post on everyday shopping apps that earn you cash and rewards.


Have you done mobile mystery shopping before? Any kind?

$50 Movie gift card or a $50 restaurant gift card–which would you choose?


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