How Not to Get Egg on Your Face

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Does the batter or breading fall off your food when you fry it? 

Would you like to make your pastries look shiny?

How Not to Get Egg on Your Face by Being A Wordsmith

What is an egg wash?

Beaten eggs + liquid

That’s it!

I typically use water as the liquid, some people use milk.


How to make an egg wash

Simply crack an egg into a bowl, use a whisk to beat the egg, then pour in two tablespoons of water. Then use the whisk again. If you need more, add two tablespoons of water for each egg that you use.


When and how to use an egg wash

I use an egg wash to coat chicken and seafood before frying it. It allows the batter to stick to the food as it fries. Dip a piece of the food that you are preparing in the bowl of egg wash to fully coat it. Shake it over the bowl to remove excess. Then dip the food into the batter or breading that you are using to fry it.


How Not to Get Egg on Your Face by Being A Wordsmith


If you are baking and want a shiny pie crust or biscuits, simply brush the egg wash on top of the unbaked bread with a pastry brush.


Do you use an egg wash for your dishes?

Do you bake? From a mix or from scratch?


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