Oh Boy! What If I Had Given Birth to a Girl?

When I was pregnant 7+ years ago, I experienced all of the fears that first time mothers have. But the best piece of advice I received was “the baby will show you what to do”. I did not learn The Deuce’s gender prior to his birth. Hubby and I wanted to keep that a mystery. However I had no doubt that it would be a boy. I just felt it deep down. And I’ll never forget Hubby’s reaction when he laid eyes on him first: “You were right!”


Oh Boy! What If I Had Given Birth to a Girl


The Deuce is my heart. He can stomp the life out of my last nerve, but he is my greatest joy. And there’s nothing like a son’s love for his mother.


But I have often wondered how things would be if I had given birth to a girl. This is what I came up with…

1. I would want to name her Natalie and hope that Hubby did too, because he was granted the name bearer if I gave birth to a girl. 

2. I would have even less money than I do now, because I would buy every dress, skirt, and hair adornment that exists.

3. My Pinterest boards would be filled with girly girl stuff, pink this and that, and articles on how to keep my Southern Belle in check.

4. The instances of eye rolling going on in my house would be doubled.

5. Once she reached a certain age, Hubby would probably insist on home schooling so she could not interact with boys OR LEAVE THE HOUSE EVER.

6. She and I would fight, make up, fight, make up, fight, and make up. And at some point, she would tell me that I ruined her life, run to her room and slam the door, and I would cry all night.

7. She would ask me for advice, I would give her words of wisdom, and then she would say “Never mind!”

8. I would be extremely proud when she married the man of her dreams that reminds me of Hubby and my Daddy. She wouldn’t realize the similarities at first though.

9. She would give birth to my first grandchild and my heart would melt.

10. I would wonder how things would be if I had given birth to a boy.


The Deuce Now and Then 2014 by Being A Wordsmith


For you moms with just sons or just daughters, have you wondered about the opposite?

What do you think about mother-son relationships? Father-daughter relationships?

Do you have siblings? Are you similar or different?




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