Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

16 thoughts on “Oh Boy! What If I Had Given Birth to a Girl?

  1. It’s easy to question what if when it comes to so many things. Especially as a parent. However, boy or girl kids are awesome for their own reasons but you’re right it’s hard not to buy all the bows and dresses 🙂

  2. My daughter is such a girly girl! I need to start learning how to be more girly and fashionable so I can teach her lol! I have a boy too and it’s insane how different they are!

    1. I know how to be girly and fashionable, but I just haven’t done it in a long time. LOL Whew! Curl my hair or take a nap? Hmmm…NAP!

    1. Yes, Julie! Growing up I was surrounded by girls–my sibling and dozens of cousins. No boys. Well, wouldn’t you know it, all us girls gave birth to boys. Crazy, huh?

  3. Yes, I have thought about it repeatedly, as a mom to four boys. we have also repeatedly tried for a girl lol. We would name her Taylor, as my husband also has the pick for a girl. I would be surrounded with uggs, tutus, and bows. Oh well, I guess boys were just in the cards for me…I guess God knew what was best, especially since I can’t do hair very well 🙂 Great post Kimberly! Stopping by from Meandering Monday link up

    1. Yes, God knows best! Everyone says how boys are much easier to handle than girls. Thanks Brittany!

  4. I’m expecting our first and maybe only baby now, its a boy and I already wonder “what if” it was a girl 🙂 I think its hard not to wonder about. Merry Christmas!

  5. Hey we have a girl name all picked out and reference her often, I’m thinking as I read this post! What if I have a boy, lol!

    The eye rolling is serious (spoken from a house full of Jones girls)

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