4 Easy Super Bowl Party Recipes (Rigged)

Are you ready for some football? Or just the party? Here are 4 of my Rigged Recipes that will keep your Super Bowl celebration going.


4 Easy Super Bowl Recipes by Being A Wordsmith



1. Crispy No Fry Buffalo Wings (Rigged)

This is my #1 go-to Super Bowl Party food. It is inspired by Food Network‘s Alton Brown. I’ve made it just for the three of us or for a full house. My special hot sauce is what I typically make to toss the wings in. But I love to do some in a special BBQ sauce, shredded Parmesan sauce, or a lemon pepper sauce.


Crispy "No Fry" Buffalo Wings by Being A Wordsmith


2. Pigs in a Blanket (Rigged)

Kids. Love. This. And so do adults. I could eat a whole can of Crescent Rolls by myself. But I think I fare better when I roll lil’ smokies inside of them and share with others. It makes your party complete.


Pigs in a Blanket by Being A Wordsmith


3. Crab Salad (Rigged)

A great side dish. You can make it any time after Super Bowl too. The secret is the imitation crab. Yes, this Louisiana gal said that.


Crab Salad by Being A Wordsmith


4. Cole Slaw (Rigged)

Another great side dish. This easy recipe will complement your other party foods. Makes an awesome sweet and tangy addition. It’s even better when placed on a burger or sandwich.


Cole Slaw Recipe by Being A Wordsmith


Are you hosting or attending a Super Bowl party this year?

Which rigged recipe will you try?

Which team are you rooting for?


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