Mardi Gras Rewind Repost

I have been remiss in doing my monthly Rewind: Repost feature. So I looked back at my posts from around this time last year. Everything was coming up Mardi Gras! So here is a pic of one of the Mardi Gras Balls that Hubby and I went to this past weekend.

Mardi Gras Rewind Repost by Being A Wordsmith


Krewe of Slidellians is sponsored by the Slidell Women’s Civic Club. Last year we went as guests of a member. You can see that pic here. This year I am proud to say that I am a member of that esteemed club. We sponsored the Krewe of Slidellians Mardi Gras Parade a couple of Sundays ago. The Deuce made out like a bandit.


Our #MardiGras parade loot!

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I will soon have pics of the other Mardi Gras Ball that Hubby and I attended. It was sponsored by Hubby’s social organization, Young Men Illinois Club (YMI). Their focus is to present young debutantes into society. That’s how we do it in the South!

In looking back at last year’s posts, I also noticed that the polar vortex had descended upon us. Luckily this year, the New Orleans area didn’t experience that. I was also looking forward to the new season of TNT‘s Dallas back then. Sadly it has since been cancelled. 

More Mardi Gras pics and news to come as we continue to celebrate through Fat Tuesday…


Have you experienced Mardi Gras before?

Do you fast or give up something for Lent?


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Rewind: Repost is a monthly feature on Being A Wordsmith that gives an update on previous posts.

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