How to Add More Blogging Time to Your Day

Are you familiar with the term “25/8”? It’s used to express the glorious occurrence of an additional day and hour added to 24/7. How awesome that would be for bloggers if it were true. Perhaps it can be.


How to Add More Blogging Time to Your Day by Being A Wordsmith


Creating extra blogging time for your day is easier than you think. Here are a couple of ways to get started… 


Wake Up Early/Stay Up Late

Are you a morning person or a night person? WAIT! The answer to the question is not about whether you prefer to wake up early in the morning or stay up late at night. It’s about the time of day when you are most productive. Perhaps you detest getting up early, but if the majority of your work is being accomplished during that time…you are a morning person. There are fewer distractions before a certain hour because family members and peers are still asleep. Try getting up an hour or two earlier than you typically do to draft posts, schedule social media shares, and make website updates.

Most people who love to stay up late at night spend that time watching TV, reading, and reveling in hobbies. Do work instead! There are fewer distractions after a certain hour as well. Try staying up an hour or two later than you typically do to comment on other blogs, research post topics, and respond to comments.


Batching Your Tasks

This way of increasing your productivity is described as batching, batch processing, the Pomodoro Technique, and a few other terms. The concept is simple. You dedicate blocks of time to your daily tasks. It provides focus, reduces distractions, and adds time to your day.

  1. Write down tasks that you can batch such as drafting posts for the week, purging e-mail, linky party participation, site maintenance, and editing images for upcoming DIY posts.
  2. Assign a window of time to each.
  3. Grab a timer, set it accordingly, and GO! 

The key is to only do what pertains to that batched task during its set time. Don’t try to multi-task and work on other things. Most people who think they are multi-tasking are wasting time and losing focus instead of completing the job at hand. Close other browsers and tabs on your computer that do not adhere to what you are batching. Eliminate checking e-mail and social media every five minutes. Batch some time for each instead. The timer keeps you on track and makes you accountable. 


Many bloggers are also stay-at-home moms. They generally have 7 to 8 hours during the day to accomplish their blogging and household projects. It sounds like a lot of time, but it can feel like very little when the two worlds overlap. Batch an amount of time for doing the laundry that includes folding, putting it away, and starting a new load. Then batch another time to repeat that process. Do the same for the other household activities to keep a balance with the blogging tasks. Highly productive people stay on course with a big task and see it to completion. Then they begin the next big task.

Had you heard of batch processing before reading this post?

Do you utilize these tips in some form?
What is your biggest distraction during the day?

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