Reed’s Ginger Brews Are a Treat for the Whole Family

If you are searching for a green drink this St. Patrick’s Day, look no further than Reed’s Ginger Brew. It’s green inside and out due to its all natural ingredients.

Have you given up alcoholic beverages for Lent like I have? Then Reed’s Ginger Brew is a perfect addition for your refrigerator. It’s alcohol free, GMO free, preservative free, and caffeine free!


I received a 6 pack of Reed’s Ginger Brews in assorted flavors in exchange for my honest opinion about the products

In addition to the Original Ginger Brew, Premium Ginger Brew, and Extra Ginger Brew, you can choose from Spiced Apple, Raspberry and Cherry. Each flavor has a strong ginger bite. If you are a fan of ginger, this is the brew for you.


The Deuce, my 7-year-old, couldn’t get enough of them. I let him split most of the bottled brews with me. He said that the Raspberry flavored brew tasted like raspberries and gingerbread. I took one sip of the Spiced Apple flavored one and kept it to myself. It was like a yummy, old-fashioned Apple Crisp in a bottle! I added some Sprite to the Premium Ginger Brew to stretch it out. It added another layer of great taste.


Are you familiar with the cocktail called Moscow Mule? It’s also referred to as the Blarney Stone. It is made with ginger brew, the finest Irish whiskey, and lime juice. Get yourself some Reed’s Ginger Brew at and mix up a Moscow Mule for your St. Patrick’s Day party. You can also switch out the whiskey for rum and enjoy a Dark and Stormy.


Reed’s Ginger Brews have the finest fresh ginger root, fruit juices, spices, and herbs. They have won numerous gourmet awards and are the #1 selling soft drinks nationwide in natural food stores. A lower calorie version of their top selling Extra Ginger Brew is now available–just 55 calories.


Are you a fan of ginger?

Have you ever had a Moscow Mule? Blarney Stone? Dark and Stormy?

How will you be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?


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