The Hope Quotient by Ray Johnston (A Book Review)

In exchange for my honest review, BookLook Bloggers sent me a complimentary copy of The Hope Quotient by Ray Johnston.


The Hope Quotient by Ray Johnston (A Book Review by


What this book is about

I am a big proponent of the law of attraction, so I think my level of hope is generally way up there. That’s what drew me to this book. The Hope Quotient is written by Ray Johnston, a pastor and college professor. This book discusses the 7 factors that can elevate your hope quotient and how you can unleash them in your life. There is a short assessment test (an access code is included in the book) that you can take online to measure your hope quotient. The results of the test explain where your hope quotient ranks along with your strongest factors and the ones that need work.

My honest opinion

I enjoyed this book. It is one that I can keep on my shelf for continuing encouragement or pass on to a friend in need. I took the online test and my total hope quotient was 89.5. The highest is 140. My score ranks right above the range for Medium High. I felt pretty good about that.  

After you take the online test, you can then go on to read the specifics of the 7 factors. You will discover how they can raise your hope quotient. For instance, the test revealed that I am good at Factor Two: Raise Your Expectations and Factor Three: Refocus on the Future. However, I suffer with Factor Five: Refuse to Go It Alone. I am horrible at asking for help. I try to do almost everything on my own. The chapter on Factor Five told me the 5 different types of relationships that I should have in my life to unleash more hope. In doing that, my hope quotient is supposed to climb higher. I’m looking forward to that. 

The Hope Quotient includes strong elements of the Christian faith. As a believer, I was able to easily embrace the information in the book. I hope (LOL!) you will too.


Does this sound like an interesting read to you?

How high do you think your hope quotient is?

What is your view on the law of attraction?


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