5 Ways to Kick-Start Your Blogging Day

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As a blogger, you love live to blog. Right? But some days you just can’t get started. Or you have a great post to write, but you feel blah. So how do you combat it?


1. Music

What type of music motivates you? It doesn’t have to be upbeat to boost your productivity. If it puts you in the mood to create, imagine, and write—play it! Utilize a playlist, full-length CD, or a continuous streaming app to prevent interruptions in your work flow.

2. Affirmations

Say them aloud. Say them to yourself. Say them in front of a mirror. Just say them! Empowering yourself with positive words and phrases will drive your entire blogging day. It sets the tone for what you put forth on paper and screen. Write a few on brightly colored sticky notes to attach to your computer. It gives you a chance to look at them throughout the day if you need a pick-me-up.

3. Caffeine

Coffee, Mountain Dew, Red Bull, Tea. These are definite kick-starters. But too much of any of them will send you crashing onto your keyboard. Drink them in moderation to keep your momentum going. Integrate water in between your sips.

4. Exercise

Even if working out is not your thing, think about it for a moment. Exercise is a sure way to get your heart and mind racing. Not up for going to the gym or climbing on the dusty treadmill in your guest room? Do some push-ups, sit-ups, or jumping jacks. Run in place. Sprinting and anaerobic exertion produces endorphins which trigger positive feelings in your body. With a smile on your face, you will be typing away in no time.

5. Retrieve the Plan You Created Yesterday

That’s right. A plan of to-dos, to-don’ts, and absolutely musts should be made the day before. This can be the #1 kick-starter for your blogging day. By planning a day ahead, half the battle is already won. The struggle to figure out which post to write next and what blogging goals need to be met will be eliminated.


Which of these items do you implement?

What works best for your blogging day?


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