How You Can Make $500 on Fiverr

In a previous post, How You Can Make $100 on Fiverr, I gave you tips on creating and selling gigs for the popular freelance website. Since that time, Fiverr has added lots of new features and I have earned more money. So now I’m pleased to tell you….

 How You Can Make $500 on Fiverr by Being A Wordsmith

No compensation was earned for this post. It is based on my personal experience with the Fiverr website.

What is Fiverr?

For those readers that are not familiar with Fiverr, it is a website for buying or selling a talent/service (gig) for $5 or more. There is no upfront cost for sellers. Buyers must pay upfront before their order for a gig is sent to the seller.



How You Can Make $500 on Fiverr by Being A Wordsmith


Come up with a great tagline for your profile. Add your picture instead of an animated avatar or graphic image. Buyers want to know that you are the real deal. Explain why you are qualified to perform your gigs.


How You Can Make $500 on Fiverr by Being A Wordsmith

My current 3 gigs are for writing articles/reviews, posting online comments, and tweeting about products and businesses. My most popular one is for writing an article or review with 100 to 350 words. I previously had more gigs with varying word counts, but they were not garnering clicks or sales. I decided to focus on the ones that do.

Be sure to read the guidelines for creating gigs. Too many mentions of sites like Twitter, Amazon, etc. in your gig description may cause it to be denied by Fiverr. They provide you with best seller practices and a detailed forum for creating popular gigs. Adding pictures or videos enhances the views and clicks they will receive. Include detailed information about what you will and will not provide as well as your credentials. If a buyer has not viewed your profile, they can learn about your experience here.

How You Can Make $500 on Fiverr by Being A Wordsmith

Gig Extras are additional services that you can offer with your gigs. My Gig Extras include quicker delivery time and posting to additional websites. Depending on your Fiverr level you can charge an additional $5 to $100 per gig extra. These add up quite nicely.

 How You Can Make $500 on Fiverr by Being A Wordsmith

One of Fiverr’s latest features is the Custom Offer option. Depending on your seller level (I am a Level 2 Seller), you can send a custom offer to a buyer to personalize a service for them. This worked well for me with a buyer that was new to Fiverr. He sent me a message stating that he wanted verified reviews for several products. He was unsure about how to order a gig. I sent him a custom offer with a price and details. He accepted it and boom–we were in business! Buyers can request a custom offer from your profile page also. This is ideal when a buyer wants a service that may not fit into the gigs that you are currently offering.

How You Can Make $500 on Fiverr by Being A Wordsmith

Communicate effectively with your buyers. Many potential buyers will send you a message before ordering one of your gigs to confirm what it entails. I answer all inquiries, because they almost always lead to a sale. Whenever I receive a new order, I respond to the buyer with a quick message acknowledging it.

Ratings rule. I love positive feedback from buyers, so I respond with similar feedback for their buyer account. I pride myself on giving buyers my best. If there is a problem with the order, I don’t hesitate to inform them so we are on the same page. There is a resolution center tab if you need Fiverr to intervene in a loss of communication.

How You Can Make $500 on Fiverr by Being A Wordsmith

Represent your profile and your gigs well. Don’t take shortcuts with the work that you deliver to buyers. I have earned a combined total of $215 from my top 4 customers for 35 orders. They give me repeat business because I deliver quality work in a timely manner. They have also recommended my gigs to their peers.

By doing the 5 things above:  

  • I have generated $460 in revenue for 88 orders as of the publishing of this post.
  • I maintain a 100% positive rating.
  • I am well on my way to Top Rated Seller status.
  • I receive free products in exchange for my honest opinion.
  • My positive ratings and feedback on Fiverr have led to other higher paid sponsored posts and additional client work.


Additional Disclosure: $1 is retained by Fiverr for their portion of each sale. Funds are available 14 days after the buyer marks your order complete (or 3 days automatically). Payments are provided via PayPal within minutes of your withdrawal from Fiverr. You pay the fee associated which normally averages to $.08 per gig. The payment alternative is a Fiverr Revenue Card which has quite a few fees attached to it. Update: Direct Deposit is now available.

The higher your status, the more you can charge. Many sellers complain about the low revenue, but you can make your gigs as easy or as complex as you like. Trust me, the revenue adds up over time.

You can view my Fiverr profile here

Were you already familiar with Fiverr before reading this post?
Did you read my previous post about making money with Fiverr?


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