What Parents Really Do When Their Kids Are Gone for a Week

I could brag about our kid-less week and say that we had romantic candlelight dinners, midday naps, and alcohol-fueled parties with our friends. But. I. Would. Be. Lying. Here is what we really did this week while The Deuce hung out with my Momma and Daddy…



1. Hubby spent hours assembling The Deuce’s bunk bed that his Grandmama gave him for his birthday last week.



2. The replacement parts for our vacuum cleaner arrived. After Hubby put the new belt and HEPA filter on, I snapped in the new motor vac filter and the vacuum bag. Yeah! Woohoo!



3. I took the kitchen garbage can outside and hosed it down.

4. I caught up on a week’s worth of Young & the Restless on my DVR.

5. I cleaned bathroom toilets, vanities, and tubs. The whole house smelled like Fabuloso, bleach, room deodorizer, and Febreze.

6. I read over the 45+ policies and procedures for the Summer Camp that The Deuce will attend this Summer.

I know, you’re so envious of our time alone.


What do you really do when your kids are gone for an extended period of time?

Did your kids have a bunk bed?



See ya later,






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