Origin: Blog Challenge Day 10 #SSEDBC

Before I begin today’s writing theme prompt, I must pay homage to my female writing mentor who passed on yesterday.



Ms. Collins’ books have given me endless hours of entertainment and excitement. My mother bought all of her books. When I was a kid, Collins’ books lined the bookshelves in my home. When I was of age, my mother started introducing me to the legendary novels. What she didn’t know was I had read almost all of them already. LOL. Rest on, Jackie Collins. Thank you for giving me and my mother something else to bond over. And thank you for inspiring me to be a better writer without even knowing it.



While drafting this post, I realized that it is my 454th post. Wow! So now I am going to reveal my very first post that went live January 9, 2013. It’s raw…for sure, but here it is with no pics (I had not learned that tip yet).


Yes, I’m really doing this

I’m starting a blog. About what, you say? That’s the million dollar question. I turned 40 a few months ago and quit my full-time job to finish a book I’ve been writing for over 15 years. 16 and a half to be exact. I located the evidence earlier today when I was gathering the 5200 random notes stuffed in the back of my closet. I’ve been spinning my wheels for the last 3 months trying to find myself. Here’s what I learned…

1. Starting my day with seeing my son off to school early in the morning is the only way I will get up

2. You can lose 8 hours sitting in front of a computer and have nothing to show for it
3. I am most productive when the television is not on 
4. You can cook almost anything in a slow cooker/crockpot
5. Writing gives me joy, so I need to make it a priority

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