More Reasons Why You Must Watch How to Get Away with Murder

I posted 5 Reasons Why You Must Watch How to Get Away With Murder during its premiere season. So naturally, I have to follow up with a second post for this new season.

1. Viola Davis made history as the first black woman to win an Emmy for Outstanding Leading Actress in a Drama Series!

Say what you want about Viola Davis’ historical Emmy speech, but you cannot dismiss her talent.

This Tony Award winning, Oscar and Golden Globe nominated actress is a powerhouse. She brings her A game with every episode of How to Get Away with Murder. Now in its second season, her character Annalise Keating is already catapulting Davis into the running for a second Emmy. Her acting chops make her transitions from violent to vulnerable seamless. She is setting #TGIT on fire every Thursday night.


More Reasons Why You Must Watch How to Get Away with Murder by Being A Wordsmith
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2. Viewers are hoping that Cicely Tyson will make a return appearance as Annalise’s mother.

Cicely Tyson stole the show with one episode. That is extremely difficult to do alongside the other members of the cast. Tyson’s character revealed things from Annalise’s past that the audience salivated over. It garnered her an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series. I am amazed every time I see Tyson portray an old woman, because although she is 90 years young–she has the poise and mannerisms of someone many years younger in her off-screen life.

3. Sexual tension between characters is everywhere. 

Davis and cutie pie Wes, portrayed by Alfred Enoch (of Harry Potter fame), have an odd mommy/son/wannabe lovers vibe going on whenever they are in scenes together. Connor wants to fall in bed with every guy that he sees despite his newly committed relationship. Frank and Laurel keep dancing around their on-again/off-again desire for each other. Even frigid Bonnie finally gave in to Asher’s advances. Note: Matt McGorry’s (of Orange is the New Black fame) hysterically corny portrayal of Asher makes me laugh at the oddest moments.

4. The flash forward scenes are even more intriguing than the previous season.

Many TV dramas are now showing upcoming scenes for their new season during their premiere episode. It gives viewers an awesome sneak peek into all of the intrigue and hijinks on the horizon. #HTGAWM does this and more. The storytelling on this show is told through flashbacks and foreshadowing. Trying to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together makes it all worthwhile.

5. There is always a murder to solve.

We solved one murder at the end of season 1, only to have another one occur. In season 2, we solve that second murder and then discover another…and another…and…


It’s good stuff, y’all! If you aren’t watching, you should be.



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Are you watching How to Get Away with Murder this season?

What did you think of Viola Davis’ historical Emmy speech?

Do you watch Shonda Rhimes’ other two #TGIT shows?

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