My New Fave Tea Is Your Tea

I love experimenting with different flavors and blends of hot tea. One of my co-workers and I frequently have a cup after lunch. Thank goodness for the hot water option on our water cooler. We get a little boost to finish out the day caffeinated or decaffeinated. I had the pleasure of trying a new kind recently from Your Tea.
My New Fave Tea Is Your Tea by Being A Wordsmith
Your Tea is a company that produces high-quality tea blends to improve your well-being. There are numerous kinds to choose from online for your body or mood. Not sure which one suits you? You can take a short quiz on their website to find the right one for you. Want to cure a hangover? Improve your complexion? Your Tea can assist your needs.


I chose the Premium Peppermint blend. It is recommended for cooling the body, nausea, refreshing the mind, sinus issues, and easing headaches. With ingredients handpicked from Egypt high grade peppermint leaves, the Premium Peppermint blend comes in a box of 25 pyramid teabags. I could smell the minty goodness the moment I unwrapped the box.


So as not to be selfish, I had to share it! My co-worker and I have enjoyed it several times for that afternoon uplift. She said, “It’s pleasing to the palate.” Note: We work in an orthodontics office. And of course I had to let The Deuce have some at home. He said, “Ooh, it’s minty!” Spot-on reaction from an 8 year old. Especially my 8 year old. Grab a box for yourself at


I received a complimentary box in exchange for my honest opinion.


See ya later,


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