Live Infinitely With This Infuser Water Bottle

I have tried putting fruit directly in my bottled water to give it some added oomph. However, I have been wanting an infuser watter bottle for some time now. Well, I got one! Yes, a really cute one from Live Infinitely. It’s 32 oz. and hot pink! 


Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottle

I have struggled before with remembering to actually drink the water after I pour it in a travel bottle. But not now. I can’t get enough of this thing! I brought my gorgeous water bottle with the removable infuser rod filled with oranges to work last week. I sat it on my desk and my co-workers and office visitors went wild over how stunning it looked. 


Live Infinitely With This Infuser Water Bottle by Being A Wordsmith



It’s so easy to use. You pull the full-length infuser rod out and fill it with your choice of fruit. Then you fill the bottle with water up to 75% and then place the infuser rod back in and fill with more water. This two-step process prevents overflow. The rod has a cap that allows the fruit to stay in place in the bottle. You screw the flip top back onto the bottle which has a drink spout, thumb releasing button, and a secondary latching clip. Gotta love it! Oh, and there is a carrying loop on the top and dual hand grips on the sides.

The longer you leave the fruit in, the better flavor you get. I eventually tried frozen fruit medleys. That was great because it kept the water cold for a long time. Next, I am going to try blueberries. Or maybe pineapples. There are so many varieties that will work.

It’s dishwasher safe, but I hand wash mine after each use.

Get your Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottle in various colors here

I received a complimentary infuser water bottle in exchange for my honest opinion.


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