Crazy as a Road Lizard

When I was a child, my parents used lots of quotes and sayings about various life lessons. I was raised on these sayings. The ironic thing I learned as I grew older was that most of my parents’ quotes were only half of what the original quotes were. Sometimes it wasn’t even close to the original.


Crazy as a Road Lizard by Being A Wordsmith


I would find myself in a social setting with friends or acquaintances and spout something that Momma or Daddy repeatedly graced me with. To my chagrin, someone would finish or complete the quote with one or two more sentences. Stunned, I’d say, “What the hell was that? I’ve never heard that before.”

The person would proceed to tell me that their version was the correct one. Those were fighting words in my book. They had never met my parents.

Daddy would often announce, “I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night.” By that he meant, don’t try to pull one over on me because I wasn’t born yesterday. That phrase was always pretty clear. He was born in the ’50s in an area in Louisiana affectionately called “the bottom”. His young adult years occurred in the ’70s when tough guys used knives instead of guns. Daddy was a preacher’s kid, P.K., is what they called them. I love seeing pictures of him back then with a huge afro and a clean shaven face posing with his red hot rod convertible.

Momma is also in those pictures of long ago. Long, beautiful, silky straight, jet black hair. Eerily portraying a likeness of me. Most of my life, she’s had a short haircut. So seeing her like that is sometimes jarring. She was raised in a small country town in Louisiana. Complete with animals and a barn. Daddy often says that he “brought her out of the country to see the city lights”. My parents married at 19 and just celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary.

I’ve come to realize they are the best parents I’ve ever had. 🙂 It’s why I’m happy, healthy, and wise. Here are some of their best rearing quotes:


1. Any suit fits a naked man.

2. If your friends jump in the Mississippi River, are you going to do it too?

3. We’re not their parents, we’re yours.

4. We’ll see, said the blind man.

5. Too bad, so sad, kiss your booty, get glad.


See ya later,



Are you familiar with these quotes?

Which unique quotes did your parents use?

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