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29 thoughts on “12 Seasonings and Spices You Should Be Using

  1. I use every herb mentioned except I have never bought the creole seasoning. Great information, this was a perfect post to share on the #OMHGFF this week, thank you!! Pinned!!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Okay Kim! Now you've got me all hungry, lol! I LOVE spices too! I also like sage, but a little goes a looong way, lol! Thanks so much for linking up Kim, have a lovely evening my friend!
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    1. Baking is something I have not mastered yet. And I am a recipe fiend until I get the dish right. Baking is such an exact science that it makes me nervous. But I want to figure it out. Thanks for stopping by, Antionette.
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    1. Alison, girl, my mother was just telling me about turmeric yesterday! She had a liver transplant a few years ago and can't take anti-inflammatory medicine because it counteracts her immunosuppressive meds. When she gets nauseous or has pain for a variety of reasons, she said she's been taking turmeric.
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  3. Thanks for letting me know what smoked paprika is used for. I've actually been looking for sweet because I needed it for a recipe. Now I don't know what. But I never did find it. The smoked one I have seen. Girl salt is not by friends. When my husband cooks he puts too much Tony's or Ball's seasoning in everything. It's good though but I can't but my rings on the next morning. I actually have to take them off before I start eating.
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    1. As you know I can get fresh fish all day here! But sometimes I can't pass up the BOGO sales on frozen tilapia at Winn-Dixie. Then I just break out the smoked paprika.
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  4. I get the feeling you are a BOMB chef. That Black Bean Soup! Please give me the recipe. Puh-lease! I swear by garlic, onion powder, seasoning salt, celery, onion, green bell pepper, and black pepper!
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  5. No matter how much I season my food, my husband has to go behind me and add a hill of Tony's! After all this time I hadn't quite determined if I really don't season well enough or if he just loves Tony's that much. I think it is the latter! I love the spices you have listed! I have not used oregano as much, but I love the fresh herbs. One thing I use a lot of is lemon. Lemon peel and the juice. It just adds a boost of UMPH to a dish. Another thing is parsley. I have a lot of family in New Orleans and one thing they add to EVERY single dish is parsley flakes. I did not know it have a flavor until I use them fresh. Again, I love everything fresh. It is nice to meet another Louisianan blogger! 😉
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    1. So happy to be connecting with you too, Christy! We use lots of lemon juice and lemon zest as well. Great for wings! My husband comes behind me and “doctors” up my recipes too.
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  6. Yes ma'am, got started reading at the hair salon Friday.

    This is a great list. I'm about to pin it.

  7. We use all these seasonings! We are kind of spice nuts. We've got the spice rack from when we got married (that we've actually managed to empty some of the jars within only a year lol) and then an entire cabinet full of all kinds of other ones. We're kind of obsessed. In addition to these, parsley and cilantro are ones that we use often. Fresh when we can, but we use dried, too. And cumin also gets used in our house a lot. It's great for Mexican and Indian food.
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  8. My husband puts Tony's on just about everything. I even have to stop him sometimes so we don't have Tony's in our spaghetti. LOL

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