Food Facts and Hacks #3: Eggs

When I was very young, one of the first dishes that I learned to cook was scrambled eggs. Yes, way back when cooking was not my forte. But I think most people started out with that simple entree. My grandmother had one way of showing me, my mother had another way of showing me, and my aunt/godmother had another. They were all correct. 

The best egg hacks that I learned:

  • Eggs do not need a whole lot of heat to cook. Low and slow works well for scrambling, frying, over medium, etc. 
  • Adding some water to raw eggs before cooking makes them fluffy.
  • Adding butter to raw eggs before cooking makes them soft and creamy.


How Not to Get Egg on Your Face by Being A Wordsmith

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Which of these food facts and hacks surprised you?

What would you add to this list?

How do you prefer your eggs?


See ya later,



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