September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge 2016 #SSEDBC

The 4th Annual September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge has begun! So has the GIVEAWAY!

I was thisclose to not hosting my annual September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge this year. So much going on in my orbit right now. I thought that I just couldn’t do it. Then I realized that I could accomplish it if I simply prepared for it. In the spirit of my 101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge, I decided to go for it.


September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge 2016 by Being A Wordsmith


But I had to change it up a bit to give it some new flavor….

What? 4th Annual September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge. Participants are asked to respond to a question posed by Being A Wordsmith on the EVEN days of the month (that’s 15 days). I will also be doing a giveaway and offering prizes throughout September.

Why? September is my birthday month. Sapphire is my birthstone. I really enjoy connecting with bloggers and writers and I get to celebrate my birthday the whole month with you.

When? The challenge begins on Friday, September 2, 2016 and ends on Friday, September 30, 2016.

How? Answer a different question posed on every EVEN day by leaving a comment on the corresponding post. The questions will not be revealed prior to the day that they are posed. There is NO linkup.


No worries, I will be answering the questions too.


So grab the challenge button below for your site and spread the word with #SSEDBC.

I look forward to reading everyone’s comments. 


See ya later, 



Even Day One: Aptitude

Even Day Two: Adulation

Even Day Three: Benevolence

Even Day Four: Reminiscence

Even Day Five: Tutelage

Even Day Six: Birthday Giveaway!

Even Day Seven: Depiction

Even Day Eight: Citizenship

Even Day Nine: Existence

Even Day Ten: Aspiration

Even Day Eleven: Allegiance

Even Day Twelve: Theorem

Even Day Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen: Bonus Giveaway!

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