Citizenship #SSEDBC Even Day Eight of Blog Challenge

Welcome back for Even Day Eight of the 4th Annual September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge

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Citizenship #SSEDBC Even Day Eight of Blog Challenge by Being A Wordsmith


I have reported for jury duty twice so far. The first time was in Baton Rouge about 1 or 2 years after I had graduated from college. I was working a temp job at the time when I was called to serve. I had no idea what to expect. There was a lot of downtime and waiting around. If you weren’t chosen to be on the jury, you had to wait all day to see if you were going to be dismissed or have to report the following day. I remember that the daily mileage reimbursement wasn’t even enough to cover a cup of coffee. Eventually I wasn’t chosen, but I had to spend 3 days reporting to the courthouse. And I lost my temp job assignment because of it. It was a good one too!

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The second time that I reported was for my current area in St. Tammany Parish. Hubby and I had JUST registered to vote after our move to Slidell and they got us both. My summons arrived in the mail one week and his showed up the week after. Separate cases though. I’ll never forget the experience because my mother was a candidate for a liver transplant. She was scheduled for surgery that week. On the second day at the courthouse, my group was called into the jury box for “voir dire”. We were asked our occupation and a few other questions…all in front of the defendant who was on trial for a violent crime. That was so unsettling. When I was asked if there was any reason why I could not serve on that jury, I told them the truth. My mother was due for a liver transplant and my mind simply would be with her and not in the courtroom. Case dismissed.


Have you ever had jury duty?

Have you answered the questions from Even Day Five and Seven?


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