Reminiscence #SSEDBC Even Day Four of Blog Challenge

It’s amazing the things that the mind can recall and forget. I remember when The Deuce was about 4 years old and he could tell me things about an apartment that we lived in when he was 2 years old. Now when I ask him about it, he looks at me in bewilderment. I find it important to document events–small and large–because as everyone gets older, we forget the details.


Reminiscence #SSEDBC Even Day Four by Being A Wordsmith


My earliest memory is of me as a young child at home in Baton Rouge. I was in my parents’ bedroom during a rain storm. The overhead light was not on, but the room was illuminated by the natural light behind the curtains on the window. Sometimes I think that maybe the storm had knocked the power out. There was a black rotary dial phone nearby. I’m not sure if we were living on Brady Street or Jefferson Avenue at the time. But I had to have been around 3 years old at the time. I don’t know the significance of that memory, but it has stayed with me for all these years.


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What is your earliest memory?


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