Theorem #SSEDBC Even Day Twelve of Blog Challenge

It’s Even Day Twelve of the September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge! Are you ready?


Theorem: Even Day Twelve of Blog Challenge by Being A Wordsmith


I am constantly intrigued by the things that The Deuce tells me. Particularly when it involves a school lesson. Here’s what my 4th Grader had to tell me recently.


The Deuce: “Momma, we had a problem to solve in class today and I figured it out.”


Me: “What was it?”


The Deuce: “The teacher said there was a group of people riding on an escalator. And the power on the escalator went out. She said that the people on the escalator had to decide how to get off.”


Me: (knowing the answer but wanted to hear his) “What should they have done?”


The Deuce: “My teacher said most people panic and can’t figure out what to do. They start yelling for help or banging on the rails. But I said that they should just walk up or down the escalator like you do on stairs.”


Me: (smiling) “Very good! So what was your teacher trying to teach the class?”


The Deuce: “She was teaching us to think and how to solve problems.”


It was very comforting to hear this because I am constantly telling The Deuce to try again before abandoning a task or project. Constantly telling him, “Think!” I have gotten somewhat of a reprieve lately because now when he has trouble with a chore/duty/etc., he says, “It’s OK, Momma. I’m going to get off the escalator!”

Score one for public education.


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