A Deal is Music to My Ears

The Deuce loves the sound of music. Over the years, he has collected an arsenal of instruments. As a toddler, they started out as plastic pre-programmed drum sets, keyboards, and guitars for his birthday and Christmas. (Thank you sister and brother-in-law!) Wink Wink!


A Deal is Music to My Ears by Being A Wordsmith


In recent years, he has been gifted with an acoustic guitar, a Karaoke machine, an iPod Touch, and countless pairs of earbuds. He frequently listens to music while he does his homework because I don’t allow him to watch TV until it’s complete. It’s a joy to see him appreciate different genres of music through so many outlets. At school, his Fourth Grade class is learning how to play the recorder. Do you remember those days? I do. Vividly.

As The Deuce’s musical interests grow along with the world of wireless and Bluetooth, I’m excited about Musician’s Friend Deal of the Day. I may have a composer, producer, or rock star in my midst. That can get pretty expensive if I don’t take advantage of available bargains.


Do you play any musical instruments?

What is your favorite genre of music?


See ya later,



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