My Moving Day…The Aftermath

Well, we made it to Cajun Country in one piece! The moving company packed our worldly possessions in Slidell on the first day and the second day, loaded it all on the third day, and delivered it to Lafayette on the fourth day. Sounds biblical? It was.

Like Dr. Dre broke away from Suge Knight and Death Row Records, I left Slidell for greener pastures. OK you got me. I recently watched 80s/90s R&B singer Michel’le’s documentary on Lifetime, Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge and Michel’le and I’m kinda caught up in the dramatics. But as a reader of my blog, you should know that I tend to gravitate toward anything movie related.


Straight Outta Slidell by Being A Wordsmith


My Moving Day 3 is a bit hazy for me. I was exhausted but motivated to do what I needed to do. Hubby left on Day 2 to travel for work, so I had to be Superwoman and Superman aka Momma, Daddy, Head of Household, and All Around Jane of All Trades. All I remember is The Deuce asking me yet again if the movers had packed his basketball. (See Moving Day 2) It was his last day at his school in Slidell and to see his friends in the subdivision, so I cut him some slack. I had to pry him away from his BFF Charlie which I expected. The icing on the cake was when his friends in the neighborhood “chased” our car on their bikes as we drove away. Tear.


My Moving Day...The Aftermath by Being A Wordsmith

Our actual move-in date was Day 4. Hubby arrived after I had already dealt with the Internet Guy, the Realtor, and a super hyper 9 year old who was seeing the house for the first time. Thanks, Buddy! Hubby also thought that half an hour into the movers unpacking our stuff would be a PERFECT time to go to Costco and get a membership. Sure! Why not? I would love to come back and do two times as much work by showing the movers where I really wanted certain pieces of furniture to go.

When we returned, everybody was calling my name. Every minute. Every hour. All freakin’ day. At the same time. But I survived the aftermath. Parental Advisory: The content that passed my lips and bounced off the walls of my mind was explicit. It was my coping mechanism along with a several Vodka cocktails. I am still dreaming about packing paper, boxes, and tape. And items that I had not laid eyes on since 2009 (our last move).


My Moving Day...The Aftermath by Being A Wordsmith


The sun came out on Day 7…metaphorically of course because it was pouring down raining…but I digress. The Deuce nervously continued his 4th Grade education at his new school while I drove through a cornfield to get to the local water utility company. Honest to God! It’s Cajun Country, y’all. After a day of enjoying the newfound splendor of our sunroom (my new WAHM space), The Deuce arrived home ecstatic and announced that he “made 10 friends!” He also relayed a hysterical story about how his phenomenal Cat and Mouse (Tag) skills at P.E. generated football team recruiting tactics from his observant peers. In the end, his successful transfer to a new school in a new city made all of the madness worthwhile.

Until The Next Episode…


Do you have any wild moving day stories?

Sam’s Club or Costco?


See ya later,


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