The Candidate by Lis Wiehl (A Book Review)

Even if you have had more than your fair share of 2016 Election coverage, you will love this book by Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl.


The Candidate by Lis Wiehl (A Book Review) by Being A Wordsmith


The Candidate by New York Times bestselling author Lis Wiehl with Sebastian Stuart was recently released just in time for election season. Because Wiehl is a contributor for Fox News and writes thrilling book series, she is a perfect storyteller for this tale. Erica Sparks, a popular national cable-news host, is at the center of this thriller about…what else?….the United States Presidential Election.

Like our own current state of affairs, this fictional race is littered with political scandals and media mania. Mike Ortiz, a decorated war veteran, is the one to beat for leader of the free world. His wife Celeste appears to be his equally appealing partner. However, Erica doesn’t buy it. And questions emerge about Mike’s time in an Al-Qaeda prison. As Erica pursues answers to her curious inquiries, her young daughter Jenny’s life is threatened. 

I found this book quite intriguing because of the hype and the rhetoric surrounding Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House. Their lives and the lives of their families are a part of the election whether they want it to be or not. The Candidate is the latest installment in Wiehl’s Newsmakers Novel series. Get your copy and enjoy a piece of the chilling political pie that she is serving.


Author Bio:

Lis Wiehl is the New York Times bestselling author of over a dozen novels. She is a Harvard Law School graduate and has served as a federal prosecutor in the state of Washington and as a tenured faculty member at The University Washington School of Law. She is currently a popular legal analyst and commentator for the Fox News Channel.

For more information, visit her Website and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.


I received a complimentary Advance Reader’s Copy of this book.


Have you read any of Lis Wiehl’s other novels?

What do you think of the 2016 Presidential Election?


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