Update on Celebrities Who Need to Go Sit Down Somewhere

A few years ago I wrote a post called Celebrities Who Need to Go Sit Down Somewhere. To be fair, I wrote why they needed to have several seats and a few positive things about them. And then two years later, I wrote Celebrity Wannabes That Need to Go Sit Down SomewhereSadly, I had absolutely nothing positive to say about anyone on that list. The irony: one of the latter is now the President of the United States. 


Update on Celebrities Who Need to Go Sit Down Somewhere by Being A Wordsmith


I haven’t done a Rewind: Repost in a while, so let’s see if these celebrities and celebrity wannabes still qualify for the title that I gave them.




Taylor Swift

  • A few redeeming qualities: 
    • Her songs are always chart breakers and I like several of them.
    • She now has 10 Grammys among other notable awards.
  • Why she still might need to go sit down somewhere:
    • She is still wearing that damn red lipstick.
    • She is bound to make a song about her latest breakup again.
    • She bought an 11,000 square foot mansion for $25 million and is spending more millions to restore it.




Justin Bieber

  • A few redeeming qualities:
    • He’s still a cutie pie.
    • He has managed to stay out of legal trouble for the last few months.
    • I like some of his songs.
    • He has over 91 million Twitter followers.
  • Why he still might need to go sit down somewhere:
    • He told two separate audiences in Europe last year to shut up while he was singing.
    • He’s still pining over Selena Gomez despite the fact that she has clearly moved on.


Credit: US Weekly                                                                                          Credit: Michael Becker/Fox


LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian/Brandi Glanville and now Dean Sheremet

A little breakdown for those not in-the-know…

Actor Eddie Cibrian was married to soon-to-be reality TV star Brandi Glanville once upon a time. And singer LeAnn Rimes was married to dancer Dean Sheremet. While filming a movie, Eddie and LeAnn’s affair was outed publicly. They divorced their respective spouses and got married.

  • A few redeeming qualities about them:
    • LeAnn’s song “How Do I Live” is still one of my all-time faves.
    • Still a fan of smoking hot Eddie from his Young and the Restless days and now as a cast member of FOX‘s Rosewood.
    • Brandi finally decided to leave BRAVO‘s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I began watching it a few seasons ago and she was a hot mess!
    • Dean is now a nationally renowned chef and best-selling cookbook author.
  • Why they still might need to go sit down somewhere:
    • Although Eddie and LeAnn have not publicly dished about their drama since their short-lived VH1 reality TV show aired a few years ago, Brandi brings it up in every podcast/interview/media opportunity she partakes in.
    • Dean, who previously did not engage in the Twitter beef and media melee, is now BFFs with Brandi.
    • Brandi and Dean are currently starring on FOX‘s My Kitchen Rules as a cooking duo competing against other celebrity teams. They consistently spout to anyone within earshot that they became friends because “their {former} spouses #$%^&* each other”.


And to update you on the celebrity wannabes…


Credit: Getty


Governor Bobby Jindal 

  • Jindal is no longer the governor of my beloved state of Louisiana.
  • He dropped out of the 2016 presidential race that he was once considered a shoe-in for.
  • During the race, he called Donald Trump a “non-serious carnival act,” a “very weak and small person,” an “unserious and unstable narcissist,” a “madman”, and someone who “could destroy America’s chance to be Great Again.”
  • After Trump won the presidential nomination, Jindal endorsed him.



Rachel Dolezal

The former NAACP Chapter President (Spokane, Washington) who was outed by her white family in 2015 has continued to tell the world that she identifies as black. Check out the cover of her memoir scheduled for release in March 2017…



Girl, please go sit down somewhere!


And now, the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for Celebrity Wannabes That Need to Go Sit Down Somewhere







Donald J. Trump

  • If you would have told me in July 2015 that Trump would not only become the Republican nominee for President of the United States, but win the 2016 election–I would have told you that you were crazy AF.
  • Yes, I follow him on Twitter. I also watch FOX NEWS and all of its associated talk shows. Why? Because the left hand needs to know what the right hand is doing.
  • You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried!


See ya later,



Do you agree with my list and the updates?

Who would you add to this list?


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