4 Math Lessons That You Can Learn from Grey’s Anatomy

Have you been watching ABC‘s Grey’s Anatomy since its inception? If not, you can binge watch this powerhouse medical drama from creator Shonda Rhimes on Netflix like I did. I watched the first 12 seasons in about six months. My momma said that I’d never catch up, but I was victorious! If you are a current viewer, take a walk down memory lane with these four math lessons.


4 Math Lessons That You Can Learn from Grey's Anatomy by Being A Wordsmith

1. New Interns + Single Doctors = Hook-ups in the Making

From the very first season when intern Meredith Grey (portrayed by Ellen Pompeo) hooked up with neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey), the act became a trend on this show. The hospital staff–from the Chief of Surgery Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) on down–considered it taboo, but they all tolerated it. Then intern Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and cardiothoracic surgeon Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington) started christening the on-call rooms too. Whenever a crew of new interns arrive, the single doctors will begin salivating.


4 Math Lessons That You Can Learn from Grey's Anatomy by Being A Wordsmith


2. Off-screen Controversy + Hothead Stars = Involuntary Character Send-off

A Washington/Dempsey on-set argument included Washington’s use of a homophobic slur. It was aimed at a then-closeted T.R. Knight who played George O’Malley. To make matters worse, Washington tried to defend himself by using the slur backstage at the 2007 Emmys. The backlash forced Rhimes to fire him. Katherine Heigl, who portrayed Izzie Stevens, withdrew her name from the 2008 Emmy nominations because she disliked her storyline that season. An insulted Rhimes responded with a pink slip and no farewell scene. It’s called ShondaLand for a reason.


4 Math Lessons That You Can Learn from Grey's Anatomy by Being A Wordsmith


3. Beloved Characters + Plane Crash = Storylines for Years to Come

In Season 8, six main characters went down in a plane crash. The ripple effects are still playing out five seasons later. Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) and Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) perished. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) fought against a leg amputation which her wife Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) authorized. For several seasons, Arizona blamed Callie until she learned that Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) actually performed the surgery. The surviving passengers used their hospital lawsuit pay-out to buy the hospital and change its name to Grey Sloan Memorial. 


4 Math Lessons That You Can Learn from Grey's Anatomy by Being A Wordsmith


4. Parked Car in the Middle of the Road + 18 Wheeler = Great Character Send-off

Everyone knew that it was coming. Dempsey had decided to leave the show. After all that Derek and Meredith had been through, there was no way that viewers would stomach him leaving her voluntarily. Therefore, McDreamy had to die. After saving the lives of four people roadside, he stopped his car in the middle of the road to grab his ringing cell phone. And BAM! He was hit by a semi. As he lie in a hospital fighting for his life, he self-diagnosed himself all the while knowing–as viewers did–that he would not survive.

Twelve years later, Grey’s Anatomy is still putting up big ratings because one fan fave plus another fan fave equals a fan fave couple. When fave fan couple is divided by a third character, it equals a longing for the fan fave couple to reunite. And when fan fave couple is subtracted by a fan fave, it equals new beginnings.


What math lessons have you learned from this multi-faceted drama?

Which character is your favorite?

Shonda Rhimes says she most identifies with Cristina Yang. Which character do you identify with the most?


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