Food Facts and Hacks #4: Popcorn

How do you like your popcorn? Buttered, unsalted, air-popped, or with an unconventional topping? Popcorn is a staple in my household. Each of us like it a different way. 


Food Facts and Hacks #4: Popcorn by Being A Wordsmith


The Deuce loves his own single-serve bag of microwave popcorn from the store. His favorite is movie theater style aka lots of butter and salt. Hubby likes to place a large metal mixing bowl directly on the stove top, pour in a little vegetable oil, and add a few tablespoons of unpopped kernels when the oil gets hot. I prefer the quick and easy rigged recipe that I shared once before: Olivia Pope Style Microwave Popcorn. (The Deuce likes it that way too.)


Food Facts and Hacks #4: Popcorn by Being A Wordsmith


When I was a kid, my Daddy used to make popcorn the old-school way: with the Jiffy Pop aluminum foil package that had a handle and you shook it on the stove. He would then dump it in a large, white, plastic mixing bowl and zigzag BBQ sauce across the popcorn!


Do you make your own popcorn or buy it from the store?

Have you ever eaten BBQ sauce on popcorn?


See ya later, 



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