Water Features for Your Garden

Who doesn’t want to contribute some mind relaxing and dazing water features to their gardens? After you are done with gardening on a weekend, there will be nothing more comforting than taking a seat beside a waterfall, pond, or fountain. We do realize that getting a full-scale one may be costly. But you need not worry, because there are still plenty of inexpensive options for you! Water features do not have to be huge for you to appreciate a similar impact. You can pick a relatively low priced garden fountain, waterfall, or pond needing only low maintenance.

Water Features Add Beauty to Your Garden

Water features are ideal for huge gardens and also for patios. You can change the entire ambiance of your garden just by putting these in the correct place. There are several reasons why a water feature for the garden is significant. They do not demand heavy maintenance both in terms of physical effort and money. With a number of options available, you can choose one that will suit your garden design. With a garden water feature, you can even make the most of natural sunlight and make it look stunning!

Water Features for Your Garden by Being A Wordsmith

Water features bring design and quality to your garden. You can also make your garden ponds and fountains a natural habitat for fish, while pond plants will make for natural decorations. Water features will attract natural creatures to your garden, thus bringing you closer to nature. Water will also help cool down your plants during the hot summer days. If you desire to add texture and make your garden look bigger, then installing a water feature will be a great contribution. We all feel serene and relaxed with the presence of water, so why not make it a part of our gardens.

Choosing an appropriate water feature for your garden can get a bit confusing at times. With a great deal of water feature options, you must consider the price, size of your space, and your garden design before settling on any. Here are some picks for you – suitable for most gardens and also easy on the pocket.

Water Feature Types

1. Garden Ponds

These are modest enough to fit into a small-scale garden. These basic water bodies are a sanctuary for plants, wildlife, and people. A delicate water stream falls into the lake at regular intervals from the bamboo fount. You can buy as well as build it yourself within a weekend’s time. It is sufficiently big enough to support fish. Goldfish, for example, shubunkins and comets, will make good candidates for garden ponds.

2. Bubbling Sphere

The soft sound of water combined with natural lovely looks of terra-cotta make this a perfect water feature for any space of your garden. You can place the self-contained fountain either on a table, on top of a stone pedestal, or in a garden bed. The bubbling sphere will slowly take on a weathered mossy coat. Make sure to pick a high-fired earthenware sphere which will resist lengthened exposure to water.

3. Simple Bell Fountain

It is any easy-to-install, in-ground fountain. Its underground reservoir captivates the water and accommodates the pump and other components that make this fountain work. It is a great option for homes with small children. The simple fountain with a covered reservoir decreases safety fears while offering the delight of moving water in your garden.

You can also customize your choice of a fountain. Add more splash and intensity with a multilayered spray head. You can transform an urn or other decorative item into a fountain by attaching a vinyl tubing through the vessel.

There’s nothing better than the sound of water in the garden. It’s so soothing – who doesn’t love the birds, bloom, and sound of water? A water feature would be perfect in your garden to enhance your enjoyment of it.


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