Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

7 thoughts on “Maximize the Limited Space in Your Kitchen

  1. We do have an island counter! We have a big kitchen but there’s 6 of us. Our problem is food sitting there for sometimes YEARS! Clogging up space. We need to be better organised. #TrafficJamWeekend

  2. Thanks for your tips, I like the idea of using taller ceilings for cupboards and storing seldom used kitchen appliances in them! I’ll bring this idea up with my wife.

  3. Liked your ideas very much. It’s really very important for the people like us with having a very small kitchen and don’t have enough space for necessary things. Thank you so much for your helpful article.

  4. My kitchen is very small. The major struggle is with the fridge. We try to optimize our spaces by using plastic bags for my bulk meals instead of tupperware. And I don’t need to wash them all everyday.

    1. We use plastic bags a lot in my home too. A little tip: flip the top edges of the plastic bag inside out before placing food in it. That eliminates food getting into the seal when you are ready to close the bag.

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