Ethanol Table Top Fireplaces-Have your pick!

Bored of the same ordinary and universal centerpieces like a four wick candle or a flower vase? Table top bio fuel fireplaces are your best bet then. These immaculate pieces of visual appeal remain the focal point on the center of your table. Either placed on your dinner table, living room’s center table, or placed on outdoor garden furniture.

These decorative elements are considered as heating agents to provide a little warmth to the surroundings without creating any mess at all. Unlike the traditional fireplaces which produce irritable odors and wood ashes. One of the most imperative features that they carry is they are odorless. While being extremely portable, they are light in weight. They are priced at affordable rates, so it is easily accessible to many homeowners.

Ethanol Table Top Fireplaces-Have your pick! by Being A Wordsmith

Features and Properties

Here are some features and properties of a few table top fireplaces available at Have a look and make a choice!

Nu-Flame Lampada Table Top Decorative Ethanol Indoor Outdoor Fireplace

This fireplace works on clean-burning ethanol. The Nu-Flame Lampada fireplace does not emit any odor, soot, or any irritable smoke. These are non-electrical and have no wires attached to the socket, so they can be freely moved from one place to the other as it suits your needs. These elegant fire pieces are cost-effective providing sufficient warmth and ambient light. It has a total burn time of 1 hour.

Cube Table Top Bio Ethanol Fireplace

This fireplace features an exquisite cube shape base that not only makes it a functional fireplace, but also a unique piece of visual appeal. It consists of a 0.5 liter burn insert that provides a maximum of 2 hours of burn time. There is a damper tool given, with which you can switch the fire off whenever you wish, to save fuel if you are off to sleep or an outing.

Nu-Flame Cristallo Glass Pillar Stainless Steel Table Top Fireplace

Running on bio ethanol, this fireplace is free of any electrical wiring, vents, or gas lines giving you a burn time of up to 1.5 hours. This sleek, standing tall ornament has a glass on the top that encloses the flame on a stainless steel bottom.

Nu-Flame Doppio Noir Table Top Glass Cylinder Fireplace

This fireplace looks like an epitome of elegance. In these times of technology, the Nu-Flame Doppio Noir Table Top Glass Cylinder Fireplace can be your ideal choice which is highly portable, non-smoke and odor producing, and sleek in size. What else could one would ask for? It provides a burn time of up to 1.5 hours. Burns on eco-friendly Nu-Flame bio ethanol fuel. If you wish to relocate it, please wait until it cools down.

Table top bio fuel fireplaces add a touch of personalization to your work desks or the tables you have set up outdoors for guests attending a party. It shows a sense of concern that you wanted your guests to feel warm under the stars on a chilly winter night outdoors.


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