What Kind of Diseases Do Flies Carry?

The moment there is some warmth in the air, the flies appear. In fact there seems to be an increasing number of them every year, and you have to question if they serve any purpose.

What Kind of Diseases Do Flies Carry? by Being A Wordsmith

Fortunately, they have a good reason for existing. Flies feed on old and decaying material, effectively helping to clean up the world by removing it. They are also a valuable part of the food chain, as they are the main source of food for spiders and many birds. These in turn help to pollinate the planet.

However, it is important to practice fly control. These small insects do not actually have any teeth. They land on an object and feel, through sensors in their feet, whether it is edible or not. If it is, they vomit out an acid that liquefies the material so that they can suck it up. Unfortunately, as they live on a liquid diet, it is coming out the other end as fast as it goes in.

In effect, they are standing on their own vomit waste and will pick up any bacteria on the material. This, and the fact that they feed on waste, is how they pick up a wide range of diseases. They don’t generally harm the fly, but they can be easily passed onto humans when they land on your food.

Some of the diseases that they carry are:

  • Typhoid
  • Cholera
  • Dysentery
  • Salmonella
  • Anthrax
  • Tuberculosis
  • Coli
  • Conjunctivitis

In fact, there are thought to be over 65 different types of diseases carried by flies; the majority of these can make you seriously ill.

It is actually impossible to determine whether a fly that has just landed on your food has any of these diseases or not. You are unlikely to be able to catch it and have it tested! This is why it is essential to take as many sensible precautions as possible to minimize their contact with your food or food preparation surfaces.

Reduce Waste

Flies feed on waste, it is therefore essential to keep your surfaces clean and all waste inside a container. This stops them from being able to get to the food to feed or lay their eggs; which hatch into maggots and then become more flies.

This also applies to garden waste, which can be a veritable feeding ground for flies as it provides nutrients and warmth.


It is a good idea to invest in fly screens to place over your doors and windows. These will allow the light and air in, but not the flies. You should also cover any prepared food which has been left out to ensure the flies cannot get to it.

It is also possible to put an electric fly trap on your wall or even fly paper, to attract them away from your food and preparation surfaces.

Flies are an important part of the environment, but that doesn’t mean you need to let them into your home. There are many electronic options available to prevent flies from entering your home and killing those that do; they can give you peace of mind and prevent you from getting ill.

What do you use to keep flies away?


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