5 Reasons Why Your Roof Might Have Leakages

Roof leakages are a common problem and they need to be addressed as soon as they are discovered. This is because these leakages can cause damage to your home and its structure. Leakages in your roof are one of the most common reasons why you need new roofing. If you suspect this, it is important that you contact one of the roofing contractors in Walled Lake Michigan to see what kind of repairs need to be done. There are numerous reasons why your roof might be having a leakage.

5 Reasons Why Your Roof Might Have Leakages by Being A Wordsmith

1. Age of Roofing

Every material has a lifespan, after which it needs to be replaced. If your roofing has completed its life, it could be the reason why it’s failing to keep water out. When getting your roof replaced, you can look for materials such as alloy that have a longer life. This will protect your house from recurring leakages and roof replacements in the future. That said, no matter how expensive or high quality your roofing is, it is bound to lose its efficiency as it grows old.

2. Weather Conditions

Adverse weather conditions such as windstorms, hail, and extreme temperature fluctuations affect the roofing’s efficiency to a great extent. It is advisable that you choose roofing that can withstand such weather conditions in order to increase its lifespan. Stainless steel roofs can be a good option to deal with such issues.

3. Roof Slope

If roof slopes have inappropriate or insufficient underlay material, or are not installed properly, there is a great chance that your roof might leak. Roof slopes are measured as a ratio of vertical rise in inches to the horizontal distance of 12 inches. It is important that these slopes are maintained as per the ratios specified by the International Building Code. You must make sure that your roofing contractors in Walled Lake Michigan are aware of the slope requirements in order to avoid any such horror stories.

4. Missing Shingles

In some cases, very strong winds can blow away roof shingles. As a result, an empty passage is created for the water to pass through. You can inspect your roof for any missing shingles by using a ladder to carefully climb on top. Roofing installations that have the strength and capability to withstand strong winds can help you avoid such problems.

5. Debris and Clogged Gutters

It is common for debris such as leaves, twigs etc. to build upon your roof over a period of time. If the capillary action gets choked by the debris, it creates hurdles for water to run off quickly which may result in leakages. However, this problem can be easily tackled by cleaning the debris from the roof regularly and trimming the tree branches. Likewise, the debris can also clog the gutters on the roof resulting in slowing down the water flow from the roof. Gutter covers can be very helpful to avoid such problems.

If your house in Walled Lake, Michigan is facing leakages, one of these could be the reason. You can set up an appointment with one of the roofing contractors in Walled Lake, Michigan and get your house inspected for leakages and roofing replacements.


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